• Bonds for Libraries

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    Election day is fast approaching and with it, another chance to move New Mexico’s libraries forward. The Bonds for Libraries committee is updating its website to provide us with informational talking points we can share with our communities throughout the state. Check in at their website frequently to see what’s available – http://bondsforlibraries.nmla.org/

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Bonds for Libraries

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Election day is fast approaching and with it, another chance to move New Mexico’s libraries forward. The Bonds for Libraries committee is updating its website to provide us with informational talking points we can share with our communities throughout the state. Check in at their website frequently to see what’s available – http://bondsforlibraries.nmla.org/

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Libraries Transform New Mexico Call for Entries

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Call for Entires   –   How Does Your Library Transform New Mexico?

Librarians from around the state are working together to transform New Mexico, to help our communities to learn, to teach, to grow, and how to succeed and realize their dreams. Our goal is to share these initiatives with our leaders, communicate all we could be doing with improved support, and encourage them to support a better future for our state knowing that libraries are a core piece of this transformation. November 1, 2016, this statewide conference on libraries will be an exciting and critical opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of New Mexico libraries and, more importantly, to identify ways libraries can further expand as collaborative partners with educational institutions, cultural organizations, government services and private enterprise.  

You can contribute to the conference’s success by submitting a paragraph beginning with “New Mexico libraries transform…..” and an image of your library in action (similar to the “I love my library…” campaigns).  Help us tell the story of how libraries transform our communities, our lives, and our future!  Encourage your staff, patrons, legislators, and collaborators to submit paragraphs of how their libraries have transformed their lives or the community; share inspiring photos from your program archives.   It is important that we hear from a wide spectrum of New Mexico libraries to create meaningful connections with attendees who can influence change.  The stronger our message is, the more change we can create at the conference to inspire our leaders into action that improves libraries throughout NM.


Thank you for your assistance and support for this important event!

Send your story and image(s) by September 30, 2016 to Gale Hannigan, Program Co-Chair ghannigan@salud.unm.edu   or email to librariestransformnm@gmail.com with any questions.


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NMLA Nominations need for Members at Large

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We are finalizing the ballot for NMLA Nominations.  NMLA is in need of two more member at large nominations.  This would be for a two year term. If you are interested please contact Janice Kowemy.  If you have any questions about the position, please see the description of Members at Large Duties.

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Volunteer for the Conference Program Committee

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NMLA Needs You! Please contact Sharon Jenkins or Lynette Shurdevin about working on the program committee! Annual conference is coming and those programs are going to be rolling in. Wouldn’t you like to have a voice in the conversation about what gets presented?! Sure you would!

Conference Program Committee
This Program Committee supports the Vice President in planning and preparing conference programming. The committee also works closely with the NMLA Administrator and Local Arrangements Committee on conference site, budget, awards, meal events and logistic details. The Chair serves for one year. The committee focuses on cultivating program proposals, inviting featured speakers to appear, and approving and scheduling presentations. This committee also is responsible for assigning a person to prepare the official conference program for the printer.

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2016 NMLA Mini Conference Highlights

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Legislative Bulletin # 11

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There has not been a statewide library assessment since the New Mexico Pre-Conference to the 1991 White House Conference on Libraries. The work done then set the foundation for public computers, access to the Internet and support for the establishment of tribal libraries. The input gathered at these meetings will inform the delegates to the Statewide Library Assessment in early November, in which librarians, patrons, citizens, government leaders and elected officials will identify priorities for future library service in New Mexico. This meeting is funded by the New Mexico Library Foundation. The 2015 Legislature endorsed this effort by unanimously passing House Memorial 48 by Rep. Deborah Armstrong and Senate Memorial 61 by Sen. Michael Sanchez.

This is our opportunity to participate in shaping the future of libraries in New Mexico.

Joe Sabatini, Co-Chair
Legislation Committee
New Mexico Library Association

Here is the text of the House Memorial:



WHEREAS, with the dawn of the digital age, libraries in New Mexico and across the United States are no longer only repositories of books; and

WHEREAS, like the rest of American society, the library’s role in the community has been transformed by the digital age; and

WHEREAS, libraries have become service centers for many New Mexicans who need free access to computer and internet services, including residents in rural and underserved
populations in New Mexico; and

WHEREAS, according to a study completed by the university of New Mexico’s bureau of business and economic research, New Mexico’s public libraries provided public access to one
thousand four hundred thirty-three computers in fiscal year 2011, with each library branch averaging twelve public-access computers; and

WHEREAS, online access has become increasingly important for multiple purposes; and

WHEREAS, more businesses require applicants to apply for a job online, while employment with the state of New Mexico is only conducted through online applications, and most job
notices today are posted online exclusively; and

WHEREAS, the American library association reports that for the third consecutive year, services for job seekers remain the top-rated internet service that libraries provide; and

WHEREAS, libraries are being called upon to provide technology training, assistance with job applications and support for accessing electronic government and social
services; and

WHEREAS, students at all levels require access to internet and computer-based resources for educational purposes, and more people are using computers and the internet to keep in touch
with families and colleagues; and

WHEREAS, libraries provide educational programming and services for Native American and Spanish language users; and

WHEREAS, funding for libraries was cut in New Mexico and across the nation as a result of the economic recession, and New Mexico libraries are challenged to meet these real and increasing demands; and

WHEREAS, there are one hundred four public libraries, including branch libraries, in New Mexico; and

WHEREAS, there are ninety-two school districts with eight hundred twenty-one school libraries in New Mexico; and

WHEREAS, there are twenty-seven academic research, comprehensive, branch and community college libraries and nineteen tribal libraries in New Mexico; and

WHEREAS, there is a need for libraries and policymakers to assess the expanded role of libraries and to identify the necessary resources needed to properly fulfill this role; and

WHEREAS, there is a need for libraries and policymakers to develop policies to provide future services to New Mexico residents to achieve the goals of improved quality of life and
the enhanced economic well-being of its residents;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that the New Mexico state library, which serves as the support agency for all libraries, be requested to support a needs assessment of New
Mexico libraries; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the New Mexico state library be requested to support and assist library organizations in New Mexico to convene a statewide library conference to develop and adopt policies to achieve goals for improved library services; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this memorial be transmitted to the state librarian of the library division of the cultural affairs department and to the president of the New Mexico library association.

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Join the NMLA Assessment & Statistics SIG

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As library resources become more limited each year, assessment becomes increasingly important. Library assessment may be strategic or occur at the point of need and can be as elaborate as a space study or as simple as a focus group. In its many forms, assessment generates data that needs to be analyzed, shared, and stored.

How should I start my assessment? What tools are the best for my project? How can I communicate my results effectively? What are the barriers to my assessment? How can I better manage my library data? NMLA invites you to discuss these questions and more. Members may now join the newly formed Assessment & Statistics special interest group. If you’re interested in assessment as a means of demonstrating your library’s value, improving your collections & services, and better understanding the needs/user experience of your patrons, this group is for you. You do not need to be an assessment and/or data wizard to join!

To join the Assessment & Statistics SIG, please send an email to membership@nmla.org with the subject “Join Assessment & Statistics SIG.” This SIG is open to all NMLA members. This group seeks to be an active SIG with conference programming and a lively listerv. Members from all libraries are welcomed and encouraged to join. Contact Samantha Rich for more information.

Samantha Rich
Assessment & Data Management Librarian
New Mexico State University Library
MSC 3475; PO Box 30006
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8006
(575) 646-2602; snrich@nmsu.edu

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2015 Land of Enchantment Award Winners:

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Irena’s Jars of Secrets by Marcia Vaughan – winner of the picture narrative award
Masters of Disaster by Gary Paulsen – winner of the children’s book award
The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine – winner of the Young Adult award


Click here for more information about the LOE Book Award
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