• Thanks for attending the 2016 NMLA Annual Conference

    Thanks for attending the 2016 NMLA Annual Conference

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    Thank you all for attending the NMLA Annual Conference in Albuquerque! I look forward to this next year to continue our focus on transforming our libraries to meet the future needs of our communities and users.  I look forward to seeing you at our mini-conference in Las Vegas, NM in April, 2017. ~Lynette Schurdevin, NMLA President

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Job Opening: Reference and Instruction Librarian – Santa Fe Community College

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Performs professional librarian duties related to the operations of the Santa Fe Community College library. Must be committed to serving a diverse college community. Actively participates in and contributes to continuous quality improvement.

Performs the duties of the Reference and Instruction Librarian:

-assumes primary teaching responsibility for library instruction sessions across campus;
-designs, plans, develops, implements, and assesses information literacy curriculum in accordance with professional library standards;
-establishes information literacy learning objectives and outcomes;
-collaborates with faculty to design relevant, innovative, and meaningful information literacy curriculum, class by individual class;
-teaches information literacy sessions both in person and online;
-develops and maintains instruction tutorials and guides both online and in print, including video teaching tutorials in Canvas;
-assesses and evaluates student learning;
-develops and coordinates the library’s teaching schedule;
-assumes primary responsibility for reference services, both virtual and in person;
-coordinates, in conjunction with the library director, outreach and marketing of library resources and services;
-coordinates and assesses reference and outreach services, both in person and online;
-assumes primary responsibility for and contributes to all social media outreach;
-tracks, maintains, and reports usage statistics of all library databases;
-analyzes and evaluates usage statistics of library databases for continuous improvement in resource development.

For the full posting, please visit https://jobs.sfcc.edu/postings/2522

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Library Legislative Bulletin #2

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The 2017 Legislative session started on Tuesday, January 17th. This 60-day session will end at noon on March 18th. February 16th is the last day for new bills to be introduced.

Make your plans now to attend Legislative Day. Make contact with your local legislators. Librarians will be recognized during opening ceremonies in each chamber. Delegations representing types of libraries and geographical areas will be introduced in the Senate by Senator Bill Soules and in the House by Representative Deborah Armstrong.

Library supporters should gather in the galleries for these ceremonies, which occur soon after the session opens. We do not yet have the times for these ceremonies, but they will be posted on information kiosks in the Capitol lobby.  The likely time will be between 10:00 and 11:00 am. Participants who arrive before then have a better chance of actually visiting with their legislators in their offices or as they attend their 8:00 am committee meetings. The public parking lot west of the Capitol fills up early.

Legislation Committee members will be available at the NMLA table by the west entrance to the Rotunda to provide information and distribute yellow “Support Libraries” buttons and general information.

Bring with you any information about your library and its needs, which you can leave off at individual legislative offices. Senate and  House member offices are shown at

https://www.nmlegis.gov/Members/Find_My_Legislator   Click on “Office and Phone List”

(As of January 19th, these lists had not be updated. There are listings under the individual names in “Search by Name, District or your Address”. These listings are carried over from 2016, so newly-elected members are not shown and some members will be switching offices due to changes in committee chairmanships. )

The NMLA Legislation Committee is giving its highest priority to the preservation of state grants-in-aid to public and tribal libraries.  These could be reduced as part of the State’s efforts to overcome its budget shortfall. Reductions in funding for public and higher education could also affect library programs and services.


As yet, no bills have been introduced with substantive language about libraries. No local capital outlay projects have been posted on the website.


There was one library capital outlay project from 2015 which will be cancelled in a bill, SB 112, which passed the Senate by a vote of 41-0. There is a companion bill in the House, HB 5, with the same language.  These bills apparently incorporate work done by the Legislative Finance Committee to identify and delete previous capital outlay projects on which timely progress was not made.

SB 112
Carlos R. Cisneros
Stuart Ingle

A. Notwithstanding the requirements for reversion in Laws 2015 (1st S.S.), Chapter 3, the authorization for each of the following described projects under the control of the
following agencies in Laws 2015 (1st S.S.), Chapter 3 is void to the extent that severance tax bonds have not been issued for the project:

(1) to the capital program fund, thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) to plan, design and construct a civil rights museum and a library for the Martin Luther King, Jr. commission in Albuquerque in Bernalillo county, as identified in Subsection 3 of Section 6 of that chapter;

Joe Sabatini, Co-Chair NMLA Legislation Committee

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Volunteer Opportunities: Part-time Librarians, National Hispanic Cultural Center – Albuquerque, NM

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The National Hispanic Cultural Center is looking for two volunteer, part-time librarians for its History & Literary Arts Program.

The first position will be responsible for the direct operation of the research library by developing specialized research services, implementing new interlibrary loan services with SALSA & LIBROS member libraries, and maintaining and expending written library policies and procedures.

The second position will be responsible for cataloging and maintaining collections by performing copy and original cataloging with the use of Online Computer Library Center and Horizon bibliographic utilities, soliciting, acquiring and cataloging donated private collections and conducting space planning for collection growth and library reorganization.

Both positions will share duties that include providing public service in history & culture of Hispanic world and genealogy family history research assistance by conducting reference interviews in person, by phone or by e-mail, interpreting library and archives policies and procedures for the public and prospective volunteers and applying knowledge of cross-cultural communication issues to public services.  Each position is needed to volunteer 20 hours per week.

If you are interested in either of these two positions, please contact Rebecca Avitia via e-mail at Rebecca.Avitia@state.nm.us.

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Thanks for attending the 2016 NMLA Annual Conference

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Thank you all for attending the NMLA Annual Conference in Albuquerque! I look forward to this next year to continue our focus on transforming our libraries to meet the future needs of our communities and users.  I look forward to seeing you at our mini-conference in Las Vegas, NM in April, 2017.

~Lynette Schurdevin, NMLA President


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Mary Ellen Pellington, Gallup Library Director Receives 2016 Governor’s New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Award

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mary-ellen-pellington135Mary Ellen Pellington was recognized as an outstanding Library Director and community leader. Under her leadership, the Octavia Fellin Library was awarded the 2014 National Museum and Library Medal for Excellence. This award was presented at the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama. In 2012 Mary Ellen received the National I Love my Librarian Award, from the Carnegie Institute and New York Times, for excelling in the field of Librarianship. In 2015 she was recognized by the New Mexico State Senate for her outstanding accomplishments in the field of library science and for her advocacy of library services that benefit Gallup, NM. She has been able to turn the library into a community center for exchange of ideas and developed services and programs vital to the growth of Gallup’s citizens.

She has built library services and programs responding to community needs. She established a Navajo Language room and a strong Native American film and music collection; and a multitude of programs reflective of our state’s rich history and culture including a growing celebration for Native American Heritage, Hispanic Heritage and African American History. Through her efforts, the library now offers free computer training on a wide variety of software and social media for community members. She established the yearly Gallup Authors Festival and incorporated the library into the fabric of community life.

Ms. Pellington was responsible for bringing Story Corps from NPR to Gallup where people were able to visit the library and record their personal family stories and have them archived.

In addition to her incredible work bringing the library to life for the community, she is involved in enhancing her community in many other ways. She is an active member of the Gallup Rotary and Lions Clubs, the Elks lodge, and Gallup McKinley County Early Childhood Community Council. She is a member of the local arts organization, GallupArts, and is involved in the development of Gallup Mainstreet Arts and Cultural District.

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Library Legislative Bulletin #1

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The Legislative Bulletin is a summary of library legislation during the 2017 Legislature, provided by the Legislation Committee of the New Mexico Library Association.

The 2017 Legislative session starts on Tuesday, January 17th. This will be a 60-day session, ending at noon on March 18th. February 16th is the last day for new bills to be introduced. Legislation may be pre-filed beginning December 15, 2016.

NMLA Legislative Day will be Friday, January 27. Please ask library supporters, including your local board members and friends groups to save the date and plan to be there.  NMLA will have an information table in the west rotunda of the Capitol.

Library Bond B was successful, receiving a yes vote of around 65%. In Bernalillo County, the library bond issue passed with around 74% yes.


ACTION ITEM:  We need librarians and library supporters to attend the budget hearing for the N.M. Department of Cultural Affairs on Friday, November 18th, presently scheduled for 11:00 am.

Legislative Finance Committee
State Capitol – Room 322 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

TENTATIVE AGENDA for Friday, November 18th
An electronic copy of your presentation must be sent prior to the meeting to: lfc@nmlegis.gov. In addition, please provide 30 hard copies for the committee.

8:00 — District Attorneys/Administrative Office of the District Attorneys (251-265) — Rick Tedrow, 11th Judicial District Attorney Division I & President of the District Attorney’s Association; Henry Valdez, Director, Administrative Office of the District Attorneys

11:00 — Department of Cultural Affairs (505) — Veronica Gonzales, Secretary, Department of Cultural Affairs

12:00 — Adjourn


Here is a list of legislators on the Legislative Finance Committee.  Members have a vote on committee decisions. Designees may attend the committee sessions but do not vote. If one of your legislators is on the committee, please let them know of your particular concerns.  Public and tribal librarians should provide information about the impact of state grants-in-aid in your particular library.

 Legislator  Title  Role

 John Arthur Smith   Senator   Chair
Jimmie C. Hall    Representative  Vice Chair
Paul C. Bandy    Representative  Member
Pete Campos    Senator   Member
Carlos R. Cisneros    Senator   Member
George Dodge, Jr.    Representative  Member
Jason C. Harper    Representative  Member
Larry A. Larrañaga   Representative  Member
Carroll H. Leavell    Senator   Member
Patricia A. Lundstrom   Representative  Member
Howie C. Morales    Senator   Member
George K. Munoz    Senator   Member
Steven P. Neville    Senator   Member
Nick L. Salazar    Representative  Member
Luciano “Lucky” Varela   Representative  Member
William F. Burt    Senator   Designee
Jacob R. Candelaria   Senator   Designee
Sharon Clahchischilliage   Representative  Designee
Lee S. Cotter    Senator   Designee
Doreen Y. Gallegos   Representative  Designee
Stephanie Garcia Richard   Representative  Designee
Ron Griggs    Senator   Designee
Stuart Ingle    Senator   Designee
Conrad James    Representative  Designee
Gay G. Kernan    Senator   Designee
Rick Little    Representative  Designee
Linda M. Lopez    Senator   Designee
Antonio Maestas    Representative  Designee
Sarah Maestas Barnes   Representative  Designee
Cisco McSorley    Senator   Designee
Mark Moores    Senator   Designee
Michael Padilla    Senator   Designee
Mary Kay Papen    Senator   Designee
William H. Payne    Senator   Designee
Patricia Roybal Caballero   Representative  Designee
Sander Rue    Senator   Designee
Tomás E. Salazar    Representative  Designee
Clemente Sanchez    Senator   Designee
John M. Sapien    Senator   Designee
Larry R. Scott    Representative  Designee
William E. Sharer    Senator   Designee
Benny Shendo, Jr.    Senator   Designee
James E. Smith    Representative  Designee
Jeff Steinborn    Representative  Designee
James G. Townsend   Representative  Designee
Christine Trujillo    Representative  Designee
Jim R. Trujillo    Representative  Designee
Peter Wirth    Senator   Designee
Monica Youngblood   Representative  Designee
John L. Zimmerman   Representative  Designee

Now is the time to be contacting your local legislators on local capital outlay requests.

The Statewide Library Conference came up with recommendations about funding, technology and collaboration, based on the statewide assessment supported by the New Mexico Library Foundation.  These recommendations will form the basis for legislation to address the future development of library services.


Joe Sabatini, Co-Chair
NMLA Legislation Committee

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Libraries Transform New Mexico Statewide Conference on Libraries

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2016 NMLA Mini Conference Highlights

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Join the NMLA Assessment & Statistics SIG

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As library resources become more limited each year, assessment becomes increasingly important. Library assessment may be strategic or occur at the point of need and can be as elaborate as a space study or as simple as a focus group. In its many forms, assessment generates data that needs to be analyzed, shared, and stored.

How should I start my assessment? What tools are the best for my project? How can I communicate my results effectively? What are the barriers to my assessment? How can I better manage my library data? NMLA invites you to discuss these questions and more. Members may now join the newly formed Assessment & Statistics special interest group. If you’re interested in assessment as a means of demonstrating your library’s value, improving your collections & services, and better understanding the needs/user experience of your patrons, this group is for you. You do not need to be an assessment and/or data wizard to join!

To join the Assessment & Statistics SIG, please send an email to membership@nmla.org with the subject “Join Assessment & Statistics SIG.” This SIG is open to all NMLA members. This group seeks to be an active SIG with conference programming and a lively listerv. Members from all libraries are welcomed and encouraged to join. Contact Samantha Rich for more information.

Samantha Rich
Assessment & Data Management Librarian
New Mexico State University Library
MSC 3475; PO Box 30006
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8006
(575) 646-2602; snrich@nmsu.edu

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