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The NMLA Committees are essential to the direction and quality of the Association’s various tasks. It is easy to become a Committee member, just contact NMLA’s president by e-mail and state which committee you wish to join and why.

To become a chair of a committee, you must be willing and able to commit to NMLA to attend the four (4) Board meetings held each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) and properly attend to the duties of your committee.

AwardsLand of Enchantment
Bylaws Legislation
Education Nominations  & Elections
Intellectual Freedom
Public Relations

NMLA Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

NMLA sponsors the following Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  New SIGs are encouraged to be developed for the benefit of New Mexican librarians. Please see Proposing/Sustaining a SIG

Academic Libraries
 Government Information
Advocacy for School Libraries
 Local  & Regional History
Archives and Archivists (NEW March 2021)
 Native American Libraries
Assessment & Statistics
 Open Access
Bonds for Libraries Public Library Directors (NEW March 2021)
Digital Collections
 Technical Services

How to Join a SIG

  1.   From, click on the Membership tab.
  2.   Click the “Log In” button in the upper right hand of the screen 
  3.   Enter your email and password
  4.   Click on your name at the top right hand of the screen.  This will bring you to your profile.
  5.   Click the “Edit Profile” button. 
  6.   Scroll down to Group Participation and select the SIGs you are interested in joining.
  7.   Then click the Save button at the top of your profile. This will save your SIGs to your profile and appear in the Membership       Directory.  The chair of the SIG will be able to pull your contact information from this list.
  8.   You can also send an email to the SIG chair to let them know of your interest.  Check the NMLA Board Members list for contact information.

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