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NMLA Intellectual Freedom Policy

The New Mexico Library Association recognizes the responsibility of New Mexico libraries to offer and provide access to library materials according to the principles stated in the United States Constitution including the publicís right to access and receive information. NMLA also recognizes the responsibility of New Mexico libraries to safeguard the publicís right to privacy and confidentiality.

NMLA promotes adoption of local policy statements by individual libraries regarding these freedoms and patron privacy.

NMLA further believes that a democracy exists and thrives when there is free and open access to public information. This allows individuals to have the necessary tools to keep themselves informed, to make decisions on matters affecting their lives, and to self-govern effectively as demanded by a democratic society.

NMLA complies with and endorses the American Library Associationís Code of Ethics, Freedom to Read Statement, and Library Bill of Rights and its Interpretations, as well as, the American Film and Video Associationís Freedom to View Statement, which has been endorsed by the American Library Association.

NMLA cannot provide legal advice or interpretation, but it can provide information on these issues and referral to other helpful resources.

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