New Mexico Library Association

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NMLA Executive Board

Position   Name  Email  Term Expiration*
 President  Dean Smith   2022 (1 year term)
 Vice-President/President Elect  Kate Alderete  2022 (1 year term)
 Secretary  Sarah Obenauf  2022 (2 year term)
 Treasurer  Kelli Murphy   2021 (2 year term)
 Members at Large  Julia Kelso  2022 (2 year term)
   VACANT    (2 year term)
   Anne Lefkofsky  2021 (2 year term)
   Ellen Bosman  2022 (2 year term)
ALA/APA Councilor
 Aubrey Iglesias   2022 ( 3 year term or until 

successor is appointed
and qualified)

Members of the Executive Board are allowed to vote.

*Terms expire in November

NMLA Committee Chairs

 Awards Committee  Monika Glowacka-Musial  2022 (3 year term)
 Archivist  Jonna Paden  (3 year term)
 Bylaws  Lynette Schurdevin    
 Conference Site
 Education  Glenn Koelling  (3 year term)
 Fundraising Julia Kelso (3 year term)
 Intellectual Freedom
 Deirdre Caparoso  (3 year term)
 Cynthia Shetter 
   Joe Sabatini 
 Local Arrangements
 Lynette Schurdevin 
 Membership Anna Frantz 2022 (3 year term)
 Nominations & Elections
 David Cox
   2021 (1 year term)
 Communications (Special Committee)  Robyn Gleasner  2021 (1 year term)
 Newsletter Editor & Website  Robyn Gleasner  no term limit
 Program Committee Chair  Cassandra Osterloh  (3 year term)

Representatives & Delegates

 Name Email Term
 ASL Delegate
 Tracy Nichols 
 MPLA Representative
 Dale Savage 3 year term or until 

successor is appointed
and qualified

 NMLF Chair
 Kat Gullahorn  2021
 State Librarian
 Eli Guinnee 

SIG Liasons

 SIG  Name  Email  Term
 Academic Libraries/ACRL

 Kelleen Maluski

 Advocacy for School Libraries  Tracy Nichols  
 Archives & Archivists  Dylan McDonald, Jonathan   Pringle,  2021
 Assessment & Statistics
 Bonds for Libraries  Omar Durant  
 Digital Collections  Sarah Kostelecky, Jennifer Laws  
 Fundraising  Julia Kelso

 Government Information  Lori Thornton  
 Local & Regional History      
 Native American Libraries  Jonna Paden  2021
 Open Access  Erin Wahl  
 Public Library Directors  Lynette Schurdevin  2021
 Technical Services  Brad Carrington  

"New Mexico Library  Association" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 26074, Albuquerque, NM 87125

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