New Mexico Library Association

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NMLA Executive Board

Position   Name  Email  Term Expiration*
 President  Dean Smith  president [at] nmla [dot] org   2022 (1 year term)
 Vice-President/President Elect  Kate Alderete  vicepresident [at] nmla [dot] org  2022 (1 year term)
 Secretary  Sarah Obenauf  secretary [at] nmla [dot] org  2022 (2 year term)
 Treasurer  Kelli Murphy  treasurer [at] nmla [dot] org   2023 (2 year term)
 Members at Large  Julia Kelso  librarydirector [at] vglibrary  [dot] org  2022 (2 year term)
   Cassandra Osterloh  cassandra.osterloh [at] state  [dot] nm [dot] us  2023 (2 year term)
   Anne Lefkofsky  alefkofsky [at] cabq [dot] gov  2023 (2 year term)
   Ellen Bosman  ebosman [at] nmsu [dot] edu  2022 (2 year term)
ALA/APA Councilor
 Aubrey Iglesias  aiglesia [at] nmsu [dot] edu   2022 ( 3 year term or until 

successor is appointed
and qualified)

Members of the Executive Board are allowed to vote.

*Terms expire in November

NMLA Committee Chairs

 Awards Committee  Monika Glowacka-Musial  monikagm [at] nmsu [dot] edu  2022 (3 year term)
 Archivist  Jonna Paden  archivist [at] nmla [dot] org  (3 year term)
 Bylaws  Lynette Schurdevin  lynetters618 [at] gmail [dot]  com  2022 (3 year term)
 Conference Site
 Jason Shoup  jshoup [at] unm [dot] edu  2024 (3 Year term)
 Education  Glenn Koelling
 education [at] nmla [dot] org  (3 year term)
 Fundraising Julia Kelso librarydirector [at] vglibrary  [dot] org (3 year term)
 Intellectual Freedom
 Deirdre Caparoso  dcaparoso [at] rrnm [dot] gov  (3 year term)
 Cynthia Shetter
 shetterc [at] loslunasnm [dot]  gov 
  Joe Sabatini jsabatini423 [at] gmail [dot] com 
 Local Arrangements
 Lynette Schurdevin annual_conference [at] nmla  [dot] org 
 Membership Anna Frantz membership_chair [at] nmla  [dot] org 2022 (3 year term)
 Nominations & Elections
 Melanie Templet mtemplet [at] sandiaprep [dot]  org
 2022 (1 year term)
 Communications Committee  Robyn Gleasner
 newsletter [at] nmla [dot] org
 Newsletter Editor & Website  Robyn Gleasner  newsletter [at] nmla [dot] org 
 no term limit
 Program Committee Chair Eli Guinnee  Eli.Guinnee [at] state [dot] nm  [dot] us 2022 (3 year term)
  Erin Wahl ewahl [at] nmsu [dot] edu 

Representatives & Delegates

 Name Email Term
 ASL Delegate
 Tracy Nichols
 tracynichols10 [at] gmail [dot]  com 
 MPLA Representative
 vacant vacant 3 year term or until 

successor is appointed
and qualified

 NMLF Chair
 Kat Gullahorn kgullahorn [at] gmail [dot] com 2021
 State Librarian
 Eli Guinnee Eli.Guinnee [at] state [dot] nm  [dot] us 

SIG Liasons

 SIG  Name  Email  Term
 Academic Libraries/ACRL

 Jose Aranda

 jaranda2 [at] nmsu [dot] edu

 Advocacy for School Libraries  Tracy Nichols  tracynichols10 [at] gmail [dot]  com  
 Archives & Archivists  Dylan McDonald, Jonathan  Pringle  Dylanmcd [at] nmsu [dot] edu,   JPringle [at] salud [dot] unm  [dot] edu  2021
 Assessment & Statistics
 Bonds for Libraries  Omar Durant  omardurant [at] yahoo [dot]  com  
 Digital Collections  Sarah Kostelecky, Jennifer  Laws  sarahrk [at] unm [dot] edu  
 Fundraising  Julia Kelso

 librarydirector [at] vglibrary  [dot] org

 Government Information  Lori Thornton  lori.thornton [at] state [dot] nm  [dot] us  
 Local & Regional History  Cassandra Osterloh  cassandra.osterloh [at] state  [dot] nm [dot] us   
 Native American Libraries  Jonna Paden  jonna_paden [at] hotmail [dot]  com 2021
 Open Access  Erin Wahl  openaccessnmla [at] outlook  [dot] com  
 Public Library Directors      
 Technical Services  Brad Carrington  bradley.carrington [at] state  [dot] nm [dot] us  

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