NMLA 2022 Call for Proposals

In 2019, the American Library Association identified sustainability as a core value of librarianship. Sustainability has always been a part of libraries, though we do not always see our work as meeting those challenges. In a world that is living with a pandemic, threats of climate change, political unrest, and other factors that affect our lives and planet, the sustainability and resilience of libraries is increasingly important for our communities.

Now NMLA wants to hear how you and your library meet the challenge of sustainability.

This year, the NMLA 2022 LibrarySTRONG Annual Summit will focus on Sustainability. We know that libraries are:





      Network Builders


What does sustainability mean to you?  What are your sustainability stories?  What conversations can you facilitate to help others build more resilient and just communities? In writing your proposals, consider how you incorporate concepts and perspectives of sustainability.  Maybe you have a cool new recycling program, maybe you invite elders from the community to lead programs, maybe you have reinvisioned your library spaces to be more inclusive, or changed the way you do your work daily. Sustainability is much more than just a commitment to improving and maintaining our environments. It can be found in library budgets, workflows, planning, pedagogy, community engagement, and equity initiatives, among many other things.  

NMLA’s 2022 annual conference will be in-person October 26-28.  

Calls for proposals will be accepted through June 30, 2022, for:

      Full Day and Half Day Pre-Conference Workshops,


      Panel discussions,

      Posters, and

      Lightning Talks.

Proposals with a focus on the conference theme will receive priority consideration.

Submit your proposal now! 

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