380: Public Relations Committee

General Duties

1. The Public Relations Committee shall publicize library activities, especially New Mexico Library Association activities throughout the state; be responsible for notifying national library publications of meetings and noteworthy activities of the Association; and implement a program publicizing all types of libraries in New Mexico in conjunction with the American Library Association’s National Library Week program and theme. (Bylaws, Article XVII, Section 9)

2. The publicity chair of the Local Arrangements Committee, the Editor of the Newsletter and a member of the State Library staff with designated responsibilities for publicity should be considered by the President for appointment as ex-officio members of the Public Relations Committee.

3. If the National Library Week Committee requests that there be a designated National Library Week Director for New Mexico, one member of this Committee should be named to this position.

4. The chair should maintain a file of samples of publicity, successful projects or programs, etc. to pass on to the succeeding chair, and to use in advising members about publicity programs.

5. The Public Relations Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Board on the format and frequency of the official periodical, its content, and the method of publication; recommend other official publications of the Association, including directories; and recommend a candidate for Editor and the amount of the Editor’s honorarium to the Executive Board for approval.

6. The Editor of the official periodical of the New Mexico Library Association shall be an exofficio
non-voting member of the Committee and of the Executive Board. (Article XVII, Section 9 B)

7. The official periodical shall be the New Mexico Library Association Newsletter, which shall be issued on a schedule determined by the Executive Board and distributed regularly to members of the Association. (Article XIV, Section 1)

8. Other official publications of the Association may be created with the consent of the Executive Board. (Article XIV, Section 2)

9. The President should consider appointing the Editor of the New Mexico State Library Hitchhiker as an ex-officio member of this Committee.

10. The Public Relations Committee functions as an editorial committee, and may act as a liaison between the Editor and the Executive Board. It advises the Editor on procedures and policies, and monitors the publications budget.

11. The Committee may recommend “contact people” from various parts of the state to aid in news gathering for the Newsletter.

12. Libraries outside of New Mexico wanting to order the N.M.L.A. Newsletter may do so through EBSCO or Faxon for $10.00 annually. The N.M.L.A. Treasurer receives the money and forwards any requests for back issues to the Public Relations Committee Chair, who maintains the file of back issues.

13. Although this Committee is concerned with the Newsletter and with the printing and mailing services contract, the Committee is also responsible for editorial policies and procedures for any Procedural Handbook other publications of the Association. An interest group or committee may wish to issue a brochure, pamphlet or other publication concerned with its area of interest. Any such publication should be reviewed by the Public Relations Committee, and the Public Relations Committee should make recommendations concerning the format and content, and concerning the means of

14. The Committee chair should become familiar with the Bylaws, the Procedural Handbook pages on standing committees (PH 300), and especially with the pages about the Newsletter Editor (PH 375).

15. The chair should maintain this copy of the Procedural Handbook in good order, consulting the chair of the Bylaws & Procedures Committee about anything in it that may seem to be insufficient, inconsistent or incorrect. The Handbook should be correct and up-to-date when it is passed on to the succeeding chair.

Calendar of Specific Duties

The Committee should meet to plan the year’s activities. Plans for any special projects, with approximate costs, will be presented to the first Executive Board meeting, with the budget request being sent to the Treasurer prior to the meeting.

The Committee should prepare a budget request based upon estimated Newsletter costs (including the Editor’s honorarium amount) and other planned activities, and submit this request to the Treasurer prior to the second Executive Board meeting. A report should be made at the Board meeting.

The place, dates and theme of the next conference should be sent to the major library publications at this time. Most of the national library journals require a lead time of three months. This should be done by the Local Arrangements Committee publicity person. Work should proceed on special projects or promotional materials for National Library Week, securing whatever artists, graphics work, printing, etc., that may be required. These activities should be reported to the second Executive Board meeting.

The Committee may need to work with other committees or interest groups if they plan to issue any publications. A report should be made at the second Executive Board meeting.

Working in cooperation with the publicity subcommittee of the Local Arrangements Committee, advance publicity about the annual conference should be prepared for use in local media and in the Newsletter. Work on projects should continue, with special attention being given to plans for National Library Week. Report at the third Executive Board meeting.

Conference and National Library Week publicity should be sent to all media. Projects in conjunction with either the conference or National Library Week should be brought to completion.

Post-conference publicity should be sent to Library Journal, Library Hotline, Wilson Library Bulletin, or others, as appropriate, in cooperation with the Conference Arrangements Committee’s publicity subcommittee. An annual report should be prepared for the fourth Executive Board meeting, and published in the post-conference issue of the Newsletter.

The Committee recommends the appointment or reappointment of a Newsletter Editor to the pre-conference Executive Board meeting for approval. An annual report is submitted to the Board, and published in the post-conference issue of the Newsletter.