600: Financial and Budget Information for the Board

Association Budget

Each officer and chair submits a budget request to the N.M.L.A. Treasurer by the deadline each year, which is announced at the post-conference Executive Board meeting. This budget request should cover the operational expenses of each office and committee for the coming Association year excluding expenses for the annual conference. The Treasurer prepares an Association budget proposal from these requests, and submits it for discussion and approval at the first meeting of the Executive Board. In recent years, the Treasurer has consulted with individual unit chairs and with the President prior to drafting the final budget proposal.

Budget Requests

Requests are made on a Budget Request Form (PH 606), and should reflect the activities of the unit for the coming year. Annual conference expenses are not to be included in this request. Copies of previous unit budget requests should be kept in the permanent work files of the unit for later reference.

Authorized Expenditures

After the budget has been approved by the Executive Board, officers and unit chairs may expend monies not to exceed the total approved amount. Any additional expenditures must be proposed individually for approval by the Executive Board.

Reimbursement for Expenses

Reimbursement for expenses will be made by the Treasurer upon submission of a “Request for Reimbursement” form (PH 608). Receipts are required. All bills should first be approved by the responsible person, and then forwarded to the Treasurer for payment, accompanied by the itemized “Request for Reimbursement” form.

NOTE: The New Mexico Library Association is a tax-exempt organization, and does not pay sales tax (except on services) when the item is billed to the Association. For information on this procedure, contact the Treasurer, who has Tax-Exempt Certificates to send to vendors.

Conference Budget

Proposed program and other annual conference expenses should be submitted to the Conference Program Chair by each officer, unit chair of the Executive Board and special interest group. A conference budget will be prepared by the Conference Program Chair. The conference budget will include the proposed conference registration and exhibitor fees.

Budget Year

The N.M.L.A. budget year is from July 1 to June 30. All bills should be submitted to the Treasurer by the third week in June, or an Encumbrance Form must be utilized.

Budget Preparation Guidelines

1. Basic Operating Expenses. Postage (stamps & mailing), copying expenses, long distance telephone costs. (Some employers help with these costs, others don’t.)

Stationery: N.M.L.A. letterhead stationery is provided by the Secretary to all Board members and is downloadable from the Association website. It does not need to be individually budgeted.

Postage: Postage costs are to cover correspondence and limited to mailings only. Bulk mailings are done for all units by the mailing contractor; postage costs of bulk mailings are included in the postage budget of the unit. Each unit should include and estimate of the number of bulk mailings it anticipates it will need during the year. Bulk mailing is used when over 200 copies of the same item are to be mailed.

Travel: The New Mexico Library Association pays travel expenses of the President and the A.L.A. Councilor to A.L.A. meetings when the respective employers cannot do so. Travel expenses of Executive Board members to N.M.L.A. meetings are not reimbursed. Any other travel request must be specifically justified when requested. (Minutes, 6-14-85, p. 2)

2. Ongoing Programs. Some established programs of the Association have set costs (such as the Scholarship) or set schedules (such as the Newsletter) from which costs can be estimated.

3. Current Programs. How much will be needed to achieve each of the programs assigned to your unit by the current Association goals and objectives. (Refer to PH 127).

4. Other Activities. Are there additional programs which your unit wished to accomplish, not in the ongoing activities or the current year’s objectives?

5. Revenues. If you anticipate any revenues from a workshop, publication or other activity of your unit, include this as a note on your budget request for. The expenses will already be covered in the budget request. It is Association policy that “all workshops are to be self-supporting, and all must charge a fee to cover possible expenses incurred.” (Minutes, 6-2-77, p. 2)

6. Ask for what you believe your unit will actually need to carry out its responsibilities, being as accurate as possible. Although the Board has the authority to adjust the budget during the year, adjustments should be kept to a minimum.