127: New Mexico Library Association Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

2004 – 2008


The New Mexico Library Association enriches the lives and lifelong learning of all New Mexicans by actively promoting the cooperation and development of libraries and their personnel.

Goal 1

Through NMLA’s advocacy, New Mexicans have open, equal, and free access to information and services through their libraries.


A. The NMLA Legislation and Intellectual Freedom Committee will lead the members to influence decision- makers (government and tribal officials, voters, administrators) in relation to censorship issues and library support.  On-going

B. NMLA, through membership and the committees, will collaborate with others who share similar goals.

C. The NMLA membership will continue to promote equal access to resources and the continuing value of libraries as public institutions.  On-going

Goal 2

NMLA fosters cooperation among all New Mexico libraries.


A. The NMLA Executive Board will seek opportunities for cooperation and will collaborate with state, regional and national associations to exert influence.  Ongoing.

B. The Public Relations Committee will continue to develop electronic communication from members to NMLA through developing and maintaining an interactive website.

C. The NMLA Education Committee will maintain current links to central registries and clearinghouses for sharing

Goal 3

NMLA attracts, retains, involves and develops active members and leaders for the library community.


A. The NMLA Membership and Public Relations Committees will develop and conduct a needs assessment survey of current members, non-members and institutions in relation to NMLA services and programs, beginning in October 2005 and will report findings to the Board.

B. The NMLA Awards Committee will evaluate awards and recognition programs and develop proposed changes for presentation to the Executive Board at the October meeting each year.

C. The NMLA Executive Board will establish a leadership development program for New Mexico library personnel and will include a leadership training session at each Conference.

D. The NMLA Membership Committee will work with the Education Committee to develop a clearinghouse of NMLA information for members and non-members on the NMLA web site.

E. The Education Committee will work with other committees to develop more effective ways of sharing information with members.  On-going

Goal 4

NMLA facilitates development and improvement of New Mexico libraries.


A. The New Mexico Library Association will continue to educate decision-makers (government and tribal officials, voters, administrators)about library funding.  On-going

B. The Public Relations Committee will explore the development of a marketing plan to effectively promote the use of New Mexico Library services and report at the October 2005 Board Meeting.

Goal 5

NMLA effectively manages its resources to accomplish the Association’s mission.


A. The NMLA Executive Board will review annually and update as needed a long range financial plan.

B. The NMLA Board will review annually the fee and dues structure and will recommend changes where needed. Dues changes will be approved by the Membership at the annual meeting.

C. The Public Relations Committee will support NMLA committees and SIGs in meeting their marketing and communication needs.

D. New Board Member Orientation will be developed and conducted annually.