360: Membership Committee

General Duties

1. The Membership Committee shall develop and conduct on a continuing basis an information program for present and potential members to acquaint them with past achievements and present activities of the Association that affect their own professional lives, and to provide information on the structure and operation of the Association on how to work within that structure and on how to get maximum benefit from it. In cooperation with the Administrative Assistant, send out each year notices of annual dues for the forthcoming membership year, keep membership records, report membership totals, and prepare membership lists for use of the Association. (Bylaws, Article XVII, Section 7)

2. The Committee should review the categories of Association membership (PH 611) and may make recommendations for changes to the Board.

3. The Committee budgets, designs, prints, and distributes membership application forms and informational brochures for the upcoming year. Sufficient forms should be obtained to conduct membership drives throughout the year, both for renewal of existing memberships and solicitations
of new memberships.

4. Upon request, the committee with the assistance of the Administrative Assistant, will furnish membership lists and sets of mailing labels to Board members requesting them. A report giving current membership totals should be distributed to the Board during each Executive Board meeting.

5. The Committee chair should become familiar with the Bylaws and with the Procedural Handbook pages on standing committees (PH 300).

6. The chair should maintain this copy of the Procedural Handbook in good order, consulting the chair of the Bylaws & Procedures Committee about anything in it that may seem to be insufficient, inconsistent or incorrect. The Handbook should be correct and up-to-date when it is passed on to the succeeding chair.

Calendar of Specific Duties


Updated membership forms and renewal solicitation letters should be prepared immediately after conference to reflect any changes.

The annual membership directory is published following conference. It lists personal, institutional, sustaining and honorary life members. It also lists new N.M.L.A. officers and committee chairs.

The Committee chair submits a budget request prior to the first meeting of the Executive Board.

Review the membership roll to verify that all members of the Executive Board are active members, and submit a report to the President by July 1st.


The committee meets to develop membership recruitment efforts. A marketing plan is developed to reach librarians, staff members, trustees, friends, students and potential institutional members. Review the membership roll to verify that all members of the Executive Board are active members, and submit a report to the President by September 1st. Prepare a report for the second Executive Board meeting.

A non-member recruitment drive should be conducted in the fall and at the miniconference(s). A mailing should be sent to previous-year members who have not renewed their membership. Prepare a list of current members as of January 1st to enable the Nominations & Elections Committee to conduct the election of officers. Review the membership roll to verify that all members of the Executive Board are active members, and submit a report to the President by January 1st. Report on Committee activities at the third Executive Board meeting.

When pre-conference registration packets are distributed, the mailing to non-members should be prepared as a separate bulk mailing, which includes a membership form, enabling nonmembers
to join in time to take advantage of member rates for conference.

Information about Association membership should be made available in the registration area
during the annual conference. An annual report should be prepared for presentation at the fourth
Board meeting, the business meeting at the annual conference, and for publication in the postconference issue of the Newsletter.