312: Honorary Life Membership

This is the highest award the Association can give.

This award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the purposes of the New Mexico Library Association. The award is made for constructive accomplishment rather than longevity of service.

A person being nominated for this award should meet the following criteria:

• A significant contribution to the Association and its activities throughout his/her library career in New Mexico.

• The scope of activity has reached beyond his/her own work location. This person’s achievements and contributions to Association growth are known within the library community of the state, as well as being recognized by other persons or entities in New Mexico.

The award is not limited to librarians, but may be made to those who have helped the Association and/or the work of libraries in New Mexico.

Honorary Life Members pay no dues, but enjoy all of the rights and privileges of members.

There shall be no more than fifteen Honorary Life Members at one time.

Only one Honorary Life Membership shall be awarded in any given year.

Living Honorary Life Members should be noted in the annual membership directory.

A suitable memento of the occasion shall be presented during the annual conference, when possible.