344: Continuing Education Fund

Last Revised 10/04

The Continuing Education Fund supports requests to attend workshops, conferences, and other library-related activities. The grants are not intended for presenters, but are meant to benefit New Mexico library workers who might otherwise not participate in professional development activities without such assistance.

Continuing Education grants will not exceed $200 each. Three to six grants may be budgeted by the NMLA Board for the upcoming fiscal year. The annual amount budgeted for this purpose shall be determined by the financial condition of the Association.

The Education Committee will determine how the availability of these funds is advertised to NMLA members and their fellow library workers each year. The Committee will also determine its applicants’ evaluation and selection process.

Applications must be made before the anticipated event and shall be accompanied by documentation concerning said event, including the projected cost of attending. The NMLA Treasurer will issue checks for Continuing Education grants in the manner requested by the Education Committee chair.