325: Conference Site Committee

General Duties

1. The Conference Site Committee shall locate sites for the annual conference and the mini conference,
and select appropriate dates for the conferences; both the sites and dates shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Board. (Bylaws, Article XVII, Section 4)

2. The committee will submit annual updates of conference dates, cities and site of conference to the webmaster/webmistress for inclusion on the NMLA web site.

3. The Committee chair should become familiar with the Bylaws and with the Procedural Handbook pages on standing committees (PH 500) and on the annual conference (PH 700).

4. The chair should maintain this copy of the Procedural Handbook in good order, consulting the chair of the Bylaws & Procedures Committee about anything in it that may seem to be insufficient, inconsistent or incorrect. The Handbook should be correct and up-to-date when it is passed on to the succeeding chair.

Specific Duties

1. Assemble a list of prospective cities which could serve as conference sites up to five years from the present.

2. The N.M.L.A. annual conference is scheduled in the spring each year. Among the factors which should be considered in selecting a date are: a. public school spring vacations;  b. religious holidays such as Passover and Easter week; c. dates for conferences of other associations holding meetings in the spring; and d. the need to close the Association’s books for financial review by June 1st.

3. Contact the following associations to inquire about their upcoming conference schedules, and
notify them when N.M.L.A. has determined dates, so that conflicts can be avoided:
Arizona State Library Association
Association for Educational Communications & Technology
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Colorado Library Association
New Mexico Media Association
Oklahoma Library Association
Texas Library Association
Utah Library Association
Wyoming Library Association
Mountain Plains Library Association

Calendar of Specific Duties

By the second Executive Board meeting, the Committee should survey the cities on the tentative list, and should recommend the exact dates and possible headquarters and hotel arrangements for the conference following the one for which the program is now being planned.
When several possible facilities are available at the location city, it is desirable that these alternate
conference facilities be presented at the second Board meeting.

These arrangements may be presented using a chart similar to the following example, basing the
numbers on modifications of the previous years’ attendance and needs:

ROOMS FOR:                                             NUMBER                                                                            TENTATIVE
NEEDED                                                                                      COSTS
Exhibits (8′ tables)
Executive Board meetings
NMLA Business meeting
General sessions
Program sessions
Committee meetings
Other meetings
Sleeping rooms


At the third Executive Board meeting, the Conference Site Committee shall have set the final dates and headquarters for the annual conference following the one for which the program is now being prepared. Later conferences can also be scheduled. Upon the Board’s approval of the arrangements, a letter of letters of commitment should be drafted for the President’s signature for the facilities chosen, making a tentative reservation.


Before the fourth Executive Board meeting, the Committee chair will be sure that the necessary contract is signed for the next year’s conference. An annual report of the Committee should be presented at the pre-conference Executive Board meeting, and sent to the Editor for inclusion in the post-conference issue of the Newsletter. A file of materials on conference facilities available at various sites should be maintained and updated. This file should be passed on to the incoming chair.