320: Bylaws and Procedures Committee

General Duties

1. The Bylaws & Procedures Committee shall propose revisions of or amendments to the Bylaws, and
keep the Procedural Handbook up to date. (Bylaws, Article XVII, Section 3 A)

2. There shall be three members of the Committee, of which two members shall have served as voting members of the Executive Board. (Article XVII, Section 3 B)

3. All revisions or amendments to the Bylaws proposed by the Committee must be submitted to the Executive Board for approval. Following Board approval, they should be published in the preconference issue of the Newsletter, and submitted for membership approval at the business meeting
at the annual conference.

4. Revision and updating of the Procedural Handbook is a continuous process. The Handbook is the
working outline of the Association’s activities. Procedural Handbooks are prepared for every officer,
all members at large, every standing committee chair, the A.L.A. Councilor, the A.L.A. Chapter
Relations Office, the Newsletter editor, the Nominations and Elections Committee chair, members of
the Bylaws & Procedures Committee, designated chairs of special committees and special appointees
designated by the President.

5. The Committee is responsible for presenting an orientation to new Board members prior to the
Board’s second meeting each year, which shall cover the use of the Handbook and procedures of the
Association. Handbook holders are instructed to consult with the Committee chair about anything that
seems to be insufficient, inconsistent or incorrect in the Handbook. Changes and revisions in any
Handbook pages should be made by the Committee, not indiscriminately by individual Handbook
holders, so that all changes are reflected in all copies of the Handbook. The chair of the Committee
shall keep a list of Handbook holders, with each holder’s signature obtained when that person receives their unit’s copy of the Handbook.

6. The Committee chair should become familiar with the Bylaws and with all pages of the Procedural
Handbook. Particular attention should be paid to Executive Board and Association meeting minutes,
so that any suggestions or motions made which affect organization and procedures may be properly
recorded in the Handbooks.

7. Before each business meeting (during the annual conference or at an Executive Board meeting),
the President shall appoint as parliamentarian the chair of the Bylaws & Procedures Committee or a
designated alternate. (Article V, Section 1)

8. The current text of the Procedural Handbook is maintained on computer diskettes. The President
shall designate an individual to maintain and store these files.