280: American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) Councilor

General Duties

1. The ALA-APA Councilor shall serve a term of three years or until a successor is selected and qualified. The Councilor must be a member of the New Mexico Library Association and of the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association. The ALA-APA Councilor represents the Association and shall be certified and have powers and duties as prescribed by the Bylaws of the American Library Association (Article III). The Councilor shall take office and attend the ALA-APA midwinter conference following his/her election. (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 3)

2. The ALA-APA Councilor is nominated by the Nominations and Elections Committee of N.M.L.A. on a written ballot, as provided for in the Nominations and Elections Committee procedures. Elections are held in 2000, 2003, 2006 etc. The Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee sends the certificate of election to ALA immediately following the election.

3. The ALAAPA Councilor is a voting member of the Executive Board. (Article VIII, Section 2)

4. The ALA-APA Councilor attends all ALA-APA. Council meetings and membership meetings at ALA-APA and annual conference and midwinter meetings, and reports on ALA-APA activities at Executive Board meetings and annual business meeting of N.M.L.A. The Councilor is not instructed on how to vote at Council meetings, as it is difficult to know in advance what will come before a Council meeting. The Councilor should consider questions which come before Council meetings in light of the best interests of our state as a whole; and should report controversial matters to the Executive Board as soon as possible.

5. Act as a liaison between NMLA and ALA-APA. Hold necessary meetings to acquaint Chapter members with ALA-APA activities and to hear views. Advise and coordinate mutual activities of NMLA and ALA-APA.

6. Represent the NMLA in special meetings including those of the ALA-APA Chapter Relations Committee.

7. Work to promote the American Library Association to all NMLA members; including coordinating an AALA-APA table exhibit at the annual conference of NMLA.

8. The ALA-APA Councilor should prepare news items or articles on ALA-APA activities of special interest to NMLA members for the Newsletter and stage an annual national and state issues forum or program at the NMLA conference.

9. The ALA-APA Councilor may request funds to attend ALA-APA meetings if the library in which the Councilor is employed cannot or does not pay expenses at these meetings.

10. The ALA-APA Councilor should maintain a file of Council materials (ALA-APA Council and Executive Board minutes, controversial reports and pertinent committee files) from which items of special interest may be requested by interested NMLA members.

11. The ALA-APA Councilor shall maintain the assigned copy of the Procedural Handbook in good order, consulting the chair the of Bylaws & Procedures Committee about anything in it that may seem to be insufficient, inconsistent or incorrect. The Handbook should be correct and up-to-date when passed on the succeeding ALA-APA. Councilor.