700: Administrative Contractor

General Duties

1. Maintain communication between those within NMLA as well as between the NMLA and others through the creation and management of telecommunication services (including FAX) and listings in the White and Yellow pages, and maintaining an e-mail address through an on-line account.

2. Employ voice messaging and paging to approximate real time response during business hours. A separate phone line will be answered “New Mexico Library Association”.

3. Route communication promptly to appropriate persons within NMLA.

4. Maintain control of membership database.

5. Maintain NMLA’s website, listserv and board list.

6. Collect and deposit membership payments, report revenue to the Treasurer, report membership information to appropriate parties, send renewal notices and other appropriate membership forms, cooperate with Membership Committee to produce annual directory and other printings.

7. Attend Executive Board meetings to be knowledgeable about NMLA business.

8. Supervise typesetting and printing contractor.

9. Perform registration for mini-conference, workshops and other events.

10. Perform pre-conference services to include all exhibitor relations. Solicit exhibitor participation, collect and deposit booth fees in an NMLA account, forward paperwork to the Treasurer, and ensure exhibitors’ legal requirements are fulfilled and logistical needs are met.

11. Perform pre-conference services to include collection and deposit of registration fees in an NMLA account, forward paperwork to the Treasurer, and conduct all pre-conference registration activities. Local Arrangements Committee will provide the registration table workers and the Administrative Contractor will train them.

12. Conference on-site management services include liaison with venue operator, exhibitors, and the NMLA officers, members, and attendees.

13. Solicit and place ads for the NMLA newsletter at a commission of 25% of ad revenue.

14. There will be an annual performance review by members of the NMLA Executive Board.