History of NMLA

The following documents contain the history of the New Mexico Library Association (NMLA). The originals of each of the following documents can be found in the Archives of the NMLA which are stored in the New Mexico State Library, in four (4) filing cabinets in the Copy Room on the bottom level of the library.

New Mexico Library Association History, Wilma L. Shelton, February 16, 1937

History of the New Mexico Library Association, Presented by Miss Wilma Shelton, at the 14th Annual Meeting of the Association

New Mexico Library Association: Pioneer Years“, Prepared by the Special Committee for the Use of Vella Galle’s Research: Mary Jo Walker, Laura McGuire, New Mexico Library Association, Portales, 1973

State Library Trustees (a brief history of libraries in New Mexico)


Dues Structure
New Mexico State Librarians 
Newspaper Articles About NMLA and/or Members
Other Historical Documents of NMLA