Mini-Conference Planning

The Fall Mini-Conference is designed to travel to various locations around the state that would not be able to accommodate our Annual Conference, and allow librarians who may not be able to travel to the Annual Conference to have an opportunity to attend educational workshops and benefit from networking with other librarians. The Members At Large are responsible for putting the whole thing together on a shoestring budget (usually no more than $5,000 to cover all expenses, including event site rental). The budget goal for this event is to break-even. This event is usually laid back but, as past Members At Large can tell you, there is always something that creates panic at some point. Don’t worry, it will work out!

Basic Timeline

  • May/June: Members At Large start discussing ideas and projected costs for the conference.
  • June/July: Members At Large present a budget and recommended registration fees for approval at the Board meeting.
  • 1st Week of June through Summer: Call for program proposals is put out.
  • Summer and Up To Conference: Conference announced on NMLA website with up-to-date information and hotel information. Articles announcing the conference in the NMLA newsletter.
  • Early August: Send out e-mail announcing the conference and include a final request for proposals.
  • August 15th: All proposals due.
  • Mid-August: Members-At-Large meet to select programs, set into place, letters of acceptance sent and a preliminary program with program descriptions and registration form is prepared and mailed to NM libraries (the mailing should occur no later than September 1st so librarians can get approval, if necessary, to attend).
  • End of August: Dine Around Restaurants and tours are finalized. All food decisions for conference are finalized and the caterer notified. Deadline for responses from program presenters.
  • Not Later Than Labor Day Weekend: Program is finalized and sent to NMLA Administrator.
  • Early September (as early as possible – 60 days prior to mini-conference date is preferred so attendees can get approval to attend, if needed): Registration and program information will be sent to NMLA members and NM libraries.
  • Two weeks before the conference, caterer(s) are given numbers (don’t forget vegetarian meals!). Final programs need to be printed and stuffed into the conference folders along with paper and pens/pencils for the folders and name badges prepared (this needs to be done prior to arriving at the conference location).