Special Committee on Statewide Planning

In 1970, Arthur D. Little, Inc. conducted a study* which became the basis for the Coordinated Library Systems of New Mexico, a plan for statewide library service and resource sharing. The CLS, as it became known, was updated in 1977.

By 1984, the state’s library community felt the need for current information. Creasap, McCormick and Paget was commissioned to conduct a statewide needs assessment.** The needs assessment was completed in 1985 and provided the information needed for long range planning to better coordinate resource sharing among the state’s libraries.

In 1986, The president of the New Mexico Library Association appointed a special committee to incorporate the information garnered from a series of statewide meetings and retreats*** which were based upon the Fresap, McCormick and Paget study – into an updated and revised CLS document.

The CLS document presents a long-range planning document for cooperative library service in New Mexico and to present a set of goals for the next ten years. (see Newsletter, Volume 15, Number 1, March 1987)

1986-87 – Chair: Cheryl Wilson, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces

*Arthur D. little, Inc. New Mexico’s Library Resources: Present Status and a Plan for the Future. March 1970.

**Creasap, McCormick and Paget. Assessment of Statewide Library Needs. March 1985.

***Sandia Foothills Corporation. Library Systems 2000: A Report on the Planning Process. March 1986.