Legislation Committee

Connecting with your legislators – a guide for NM libraries (PDF format)

The Committee met in Albuquerque on May 29, 2009.  Sixteen people attended, including representatives of the Library Bond PAC, NAL-SIG, ASL-SIG, NMCAL and our lobbyist Larry Horan. We identified the following work program items for 2009-2010:

    1. Work for the placement of a Library General Obligation Bond Issue on the November 2010 New Mexico ballot.


    1. Rebuild a network of local activists who can support and seek funding for the Political Action Committee advocating the Bond Issue.


    1. Support the retention of the State Library budget line item which provides increased levels of state grants-in-aid funding. Continue to work for the increase in this program.


    1. Work in cooperation with the Action for School Libraries SIG to restore funding to the School Libraries Materials Act.


    1. Support efforts by the New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries for rational funding of academic library funding, including a realistic formula to address inflationary increases in resource budgets.


    1. Work in cooperation with the Native American Libraries SIG to address tribal library funding issues in response to the Indian Affairs Department’s House Memorial 59 report.


    1. Continue to fund an NMLA lobbyist.


    1. Organize a Library Legislative Day on Thursday, January 29, 2010.


    1. Make presentations to the Legislative Finance Committee and the Legislative Education Study Committee about library needs statewide.


  1. Participate in A.L.A. Library Legislative Day on June 28, 2010.

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