Conference Site Committee

The Conference Site Selection Committee locates sites and dates for both the annual and mini-conferences. Proposed sites and dates are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

Contact: Lynnette Schurdevin or John Sandstrom,  Conference Site Committee Chairs


The Mini-Conference takes place in the Fall. It is based on a “bare-bones” budget and travels around the state to provide programs in the various areas of librarianship to those who may not be able to make it to the Annual Conference every year.

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is our big event to celebrate being a librarian by bringing education, information, entertainment, and most of all, networking to the New Mexico library community. This is a chance for librarians of all types from all over the State to gather and share information, reconnect and learn about new products/services.


2012-13: John Sandstrom, New Mexico Library Association, Las Cruces, Lynnette Schurdevin, Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, Las Cruces

2010-12: Tina Glatz, Onate High School, Las Cruces

2008-10: Marian Royal Vigil, Socorro High School

1988-89: Betsy Kraus

1986-88: Peter Ives, University of New Mexico Parish Library, Albuquerque

1984-85: Jeanne Winkles