400: Special Committees

General Duties

1. Special committees may be created by the Executive Board or the President. A special committee
shall be dissolved at the conclusion of its assigned function or by action of the Executive Board or President. Its existence shall not exceed five years. (Bylaws, Article XVI, Section 7)

2. The President shall appoint such committee members as shall be necessary and shall serve as an
ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominations and Elections Committee. The President
shall designate the chair of each committee and shall make such appointments as necessary to complete the term when vacancies occur. Unless otherwise indicated, the President shall determine the number of members on a committee. (Article XVI, Section 1)

3. The chairs of the committees shall serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Executive Board. (Article, X, Section 4)

4. It is the chair’s responsibility to organize the committee and direct its activities in such a way as to fulfill the committee’s objectives.

5. Reports of progress, recommendations, findings, etc., are to be presented to the Executive Board.
Sufficient copies for Board members must be prepared, with six copes to the Secretary. If a recommendation is being made as part of the report, this should be stated clearly and separately at the end of the report, which may serve as a motion for Board action.

6. Committee activities, progress and findings should be reported to the Editor for inclusion in the Newsletter.

7. A special committee chair may submit a budget request to the Treasurer prior to the second meeting of the Executive Board. Once the Association budget is established, approval for expenditure of any funds above the budgeted amount for the committee must be requested of and approved by the Executive Board. (Article XVI Section 3)

8. All bills for committee expenses must be submitted promptly to the Treasurer. The bill must state
clearly to whom the money is owed, for what purpose, and to which committee account the bill is charged.

9. The charge of each special committee is reviewed at the beginning of each Association year, when the charge may be modified and the status of the committee changed.

10. The Nominations and Elections Committee is an annually-recurring special committee, with a charge taken from the Bylaws, Article XII, Section 1.

11. The Local Arrangements Committee is an annually-recurring special committee, with a charge taken from the Bylaws, Article XIII, Section 1.

12. Issuance of a Procedural Handbook to the chair of a special committee is at the discretion of the
President. If it appears that a special committee may be in existence for an extended period, then the
President may request the chair of the Bylaws & Procedures Committee to prepare a Procedural Handbook for that committee’s use.