370: Program Committee

General Duties

The Program Committee supports the Vice President (Conference Chair) in planning and preparing conference programming. The committee also works closely with the Administrative Contractor and Local Arrangements Committee on conference site, budget, awards and meal events, and logistic details.

Committee leaders (chair or co-chairs) serve for one year. Committee members serve for three years. The committee focuses on cultivating program proposals, inviting featured speakers to appear (e.g. keynote, local elected officials, all-conference programs), and approving and scheduling presentations.

Calendar of Specific Duties


  • NMLA Vice-President assumes chair of upcoming conference
  • Program Committee Co-Chairs appointed
  • Appoint new committee members appointed; develop directory
  • Conference chair sets theme and colors


  • Develop time lines for the year, and set-up meeting dates and times.
  • Set speaker / expense budget
  • Walk-through of conference site; preliminary planning for number of rooms / capacity needed
  • Select and invite Keynote Speaker
  • Set program proposal deadline; send out call for programs to NMLA web site, NMLA newsletter (check deadline), The Hitchhiker, regional library associations (neighboring states, MPLA)
  • Progress report at Board Meeting (July), including budget
  • With LAC, Administrative Contractor and Conference Chair, set registration and exhibitor fees – consider program / speaker invitations, honoraria


  • Last call for program proposals sent out (NMLA listserv, newsletter)
  • Send notice of conference to national journals (LJ, SLJ, American Libraries)
  • Set program schedule for conference (pre-conference times, daily start and end times, length of sessions)
  • Logo and letterhead to Administrative Contractor for first Exhibitor mailing


  • Report at Board Meeting– progress on conference planning, final budget approval and updates on programs and schedule
  • Program proposals received and evaluated; sessions scheduled – at-a-glance developed
  • Speaker agreement forms sent out to approved presenters

November – December

  • Preliminary program for NMLA newsletter reviewed / approved by committee
  • Speaker agreement forms received


  • Preliminary program submitted to NMLA newsletter by Jan 1
  • Evaluation forms typed and printed
  • Presentation at Board Meeting – completed conference program, pre-conference mailing set


  • Final program typed, proofed and sent to printer
  • Final preparations made in conjunction with LAC, and Conference Chair


  • Post-conference: Coordinate with Treasurer to compensate conference presenters in a timely fashion.

Evaluations are reviewed, and passed on to next year’s committee for consideration for planning

Returning committee chair and members recruit new committee members