110: Preface

Last Revised 04/94

The basic document prescribing the structure and functioning of the New Mexico Library Association is the Bylaws of the Association. To accomplish the functions of the Association effectively, each officer, chair, committee and liaison has duties and responsibilities that must be carried out.

This Procedural Handbook sets forth the specific duties and responsibilities of each unit of the Association. Every officer and chair receives a copy upon assuming office and is responsible for that copy, for maintaining it in good order, and for passing it on to the succeeding officer or chair. Every holder of a Handbook should take time to become familiar with it as soon as possible after assuming office. During the period following the annual conference and prior to the second meeting of the Executive Board in early summer, the holder should read carefully: first, the particular pages pertaining to the office or chair held; second, the Association’s Bylaws; and third, the remainder of the Procedural Handbook. It is not enough to be familiar only with one’s own particular unit. Effective functioning of N.M.L.A. requires that officers, committees, and liaisons interact with each other and act through the Executive Board. Therefore it is important that each member of the Board, whether voting or non-voting, understands how the Association works.

Keep this Procedural Handbook close by as you carry out your responsibilities and duties. As you note omissions, inconsistencies, deficiencies and errors, please write down any of these, present them to the chair of the Bylaws and Procedures Committee, and if necessary discuss them with that chair. Any recommended changes in procedures must be recorded in every Procedural Handbook, not in just one person’s.
Because of your capabilities and interests, you have been chosen to serve as a member of the Executive Board of the New Mexico Library Association. Service on the Board requires a considerable share of your time and efforts, but you will be rewarded for your efforts through a genuine rapport with other Board members and through a strong feeling of professional pride.

“…what’s past is prologue,
what to come is yours and my discharge.”
(Shakespeare, The Tempest)