385: Newsletter Editor

General Duties

1. The Public Relations Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Board on the format and frequency of the official periodical, its content, and the method of publication; recommend other official publications of the Association including directories; and recommend a candidate for Editor and the amount of the Editor’s honorarium to the Executive Board for approval. (Bylaws, Article XVII, Section 9 B)

2. The Editor of the official periodical of the New Mexico Library Association shall be an exofficio non-voting member of the Committee and of the Executive Board. (Article XVII, Section 9 C) The Editor of the official periodical of the Association.shall serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member.of the Executive Board except when the Editor may be an officer.of the Association, in which case (the Editor) shall have the right to vote. (Article X, Section 4)

3. The official periodical shall be the New Mexico Library Association Newsletter, which shall be issued on a schedule determined by the Executive Board and distributed regularly to members of the Association. (Article XIV, Section 1) In recent years, the Newsletter has been issued four times per year; pre-Conference, post-Conference, fall and winter. The Newsletter schedule is usually established by the Editor.

4. The Editor may select a special theme or themes to be covered in an issue of the Newsletter. The winter issues has recently been dedicated to a specially designated theme; a guest editor may be selected and an additional honorarium paid.

5. The Editor, working within guidelines set by the Public Relations Committee, is responsible for the selection of contents for the Newsletter. Often, the N.M.L.A. President will make suggestions about possible Newsletter articles.

6. The Editor is responsible for the actual gathering of materials for the Newsletter, soliciting articles, setting deadlines and contacting possible sources to aid in newsgathering. The Editor should work closely with the Public Relations Committee and should feel free to ask this Committee for guidance or clarification of policies.

7. The Editor works within the budget determined by the Executive Board. Any additional expenditures (e.g., for a special issue or an unusually large issue) must first be approved by the Executive Board. The budget for the Newsletter is presented as part of the Public Relations Committee budget request. This request included estimates for printing a set number of issues of pre-determined length, proofreading, photography supplies, postage, telephone and other expenses for gathering news and publishing the Newsletter.

8. The Editor, working with the Public Relations Committee, selects the printer of the Newsletter.

9. The Editor, working with the printer, sees that the Newsletter issues are mailed to all members and to such other institutions and organizations and advertising contributors as may be necessary on an exchange basis. The Chair of the Public Relations Committee maintains the file of back issues to be sold or exchanged, claimed or otherwise distributed.

10. Utilizing the Executive Board minutes and written reports of Association units, the Editor should insure that a summary of actions taken by the Board appears in the Newsletter. Recently, this has been done in a column written by the President. The Editor may supplement this account with additional information if appropriate.

11. It is important that certain items be included in the pre-conference issue of the Newsletter, so that members will be knowledgeable about them prior to attending business meetings at the conference.

These are:
A. Minutes of business meetings of the preceding conference.
B. Reports of the Nominations and Elections Committee, together with biographical information and, if possible, photographs about each nominee.
C. Any amendments to, or revisions of the Bylaws proposed by the Bylaws and Procedures Committee and approved by the Executive Board, to be voted upon during the conference.
D. Conference publicity, costs, etc.
E. Any proposed change in the dues structure to be voted upon at the conference.
F. The proposed goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

12. The post-conference issue of the Newsletter should include:
A. Annual reports of committees, if these have not been published in the pre-conference issue.
B. The listing of new officers of the Association, members at large, and committee chairs and members.

13. Not more than 25% of space in the Newsletter may be sold to advertisers. Advertising policy and rates will be set by the Executive Board acting on recommendations of the Advertising Manager and Public Relations Committee and the Editor. An Advertising Manager for the Newsletter may be designated.

14. The Editor should become familiar with the Bylaws and with the Procedural Handbook pages on standing committees (PH 300), particularly on the Public Relations Committee (PH 370), and the various Calendars of Specific Duties for the various offices and units of the Association.

15. The Editor should maintain this copy of the Procedural Handbook in good order, consulting the chair of the Bylaws & Procedures Committee about anything in it that may seem to be insufficient, inconsistent or incorrect. The Handbook should be correct and up-to-date when it is passed on to the succeeding Editor.

NEWSLETTER: Deadlines & Guidelines for Submission

DEADLINES: Date: For Issue: To be Published:
Where the information January 1 January/February Within 48 hours of
posted on the Web site March 1 March/April deadline.
differs from the date on May 1 May/June
these guidelines, prefer July 1 July/August
the information on the September 1 September/October
Web site. November 1 November/December


The purpose of the NMLA Bulletin is to foster members’ participation in NMLA’s statewide library community
by publicizing milestones in members’ careers, fostering a climate of advocacy though shared stories; and providing a forum for addressing work issues that need an impassioned collective voice. The newsletter
informs members about library advocacy and promotion activities and professional development opportunities,
particularly those available through NMLA’s conferences and other enterprises.

Please Do:

Submit articles directly to: the NMLA


Editor at contact@nmla.org

Identify yourself by NMLA position or membership status, and include your email, address and telephone numbers.

Send submissions in WORD 97 or above as email attachment, or in straight email text, or by regular mail on disc, CD, or in typewritten or word-processed copy. Please use Ariel font with font size of 12. Note that article or item is submitted for publication and in which issue.

Identify full name(s) of NMLA Committee(s), using acronyms or initialisms in subsequent references.

Verify spelling of names and titles. Verify all information that is submitted.

Submit news of promotions, deaths, retirements, awards, etc. The newsletter emphasizes New Mexico news but
will accept national news items with a New Mexico interest.

Submit for the calendar the dates of conferences and workshops. The newsletter emphasizes New Mexico news
but will accept national news items with a New Mexico interest.

Send b&w or color photographs. Digital submissions preferred. Digital submissions should be no more than 72
dpi or 200×200 pixels. Acceptable formats are .jpg, .gif, and .tiff. Send by email or regular mail.

Contact the Editor with questions, concerns, and/or ideas.

Please Do Not:

  • Use any unnecessary variety of type fonts, page formats, italicizations, emboldments, and/or outlining or hard returns in word processed article submissions.