500: General Information for Interest Group Liaisons

The procedures for establishing interest groups are defined in Article XV of the N.M.L.A. Bylaws.

Section 1. An interest group may be formed by members whose common interests reflect the Goals of the Association. Members wanting to form an interest group submit a proposal to the Executive Board for recognition. The proposal will include the name of the member who will serve as Executive Board liaison, a statement of purpose, a budget and objective(s) related to the Goals of the Association.

Section 2. Once formed, an interest group will annually submit a proposal for recognition to the President. The Executive Board shall authorize continued recognition of existing interest groups at the Executive Board meeting following the close of the annual conference.

Section 3. Each interest group will be assigned a Member-at-Large liaison by the President who shall represent the group and submit the group’s objectives, proposed activities, and budget requests to the Executive Board.

Section 4. Interest groups may request a program or meeting time during the Association’s annual conference, mini-conference(s) or other general meetings.

Section 5. Each interest group chair shall submit a written annual report to be published in the post-conference issue of the Association’s official periodical and shall submit this report to the Secretary at the close of the annual conference.

Section 6. Interest Group liaisons to the Executive Board may not speak for the Association nor commit it to any policy, action or expense on behalf of the Association without prior approval of the Executive Board.