340: Education Committee

Last Revised 01/04

General Duties

1. The Education Committee shall publicize available scholarships and grants and select the recipients of any scholarships and grants offered by the Association; coordinate, sponsor, co-sponsor or participate with the many diverse groups that engage in continuing education in New Mexico; create and maintain an awareness and sense of need for continuing education of library staff members on the part of individuals, employers and professional associations; and sponsor and carry out a recruiting program in New Mexico. (Bylaws, Article XVII, Section 5 A)

2. Committee members shall, by both type and geography, represent libraries and library service in New Mexico. (Article XVIII, Section 5 B)

3. The Committee should review existing sources for scholarship funds and investigate other sources in an effort to provide a sound financial basis for the Association’s Marion Dorroh scholarship.

4. The Committee should publicize the availability of benefits from the WICHE (Western Interstate
Commission for Higher Education) Student Exchange Program to New Mexico’s library personnel.

5. The Committee should work closely with the New Mexico State Library in planning and publicizing
continuing education programs, not only in New Mexico, but wherever opportunities for New Mexico
library staff members may exist.

6. The committee will submit annual updates of the scholarships that have been granted by the association, including names of recipients and dates awarded to the webmaster/webmistress for inclusion on the NMLA web site.

7. The Committee chair should become familiar with the Bylaws and with the Procedural Handbook pages on standing committees (PH 300) and on various education grants offered by the Association
(PH 342-346).

8. The chair should maintain this copy of the Procedural Handbook in good order, consulting the chair of the Bylaws & Procedures Committee about anything in it that may seem to be insufficient, inconsistent or incorrect. The Handbook should be correct and up-to-date when it is passed on to the
succeeding chair.