342: College Scholarships (Non-MLS)

Last Revised 10/04

The College Scholarship Fund supports:

a. Undergraduate college work towards an associate’s degree in Library Science leading to certification.

b. Undergraduate or graduate study toward school librarian endorsement.

One or more scholarships may be awarded per NMLA fiscal year.

The NMLA Board shall annually determine the overall amount which the Education Committee may offer in College Scholarships that fiscal year. This budgeting process is completed in June/July. The committee will then publicize the amount(s) of the scholarship(s) and invited applications.

The Board may budget a total of between $500 and $1,500 for the purpose of the scholarship(s) annually, depending upon the current fiscal health of the Association. The Education Committee will determine the number and size of scholarships to be offered within that range of funding.

A College Scholarship must be utilized during the upcoming NMLA fiscal year after it is awarded, since the scholarship recipients are announced at the spring NMLA Annual Conference. Therefore, an award may be applied to summer, fall and/or spring semesters (or quarters) following July 1.

Application deadline: January 31
Criteria for evaluation will include:

  • a timely, completed application
  • a written statement of the applicant’s professional development goals and needs
  • a clear indication of the education program which the applicant will attend if awarded a scholarship
  • evidence of intent to serve libraries in New Mexico, with preference given New Mexico Library Workers

At the request of the Education Committee chair and before the appropriate school term, the NMLA Treasurer will issue a check to each scholarship recipient, made out to the educational institution which the recipient will attend. The award is intended to offset tuition, fees or the cost of books which would be otherwise paid by the student.