305: Archivist

General Duties

1. The Archivist shall provide for the preservation of records, documents and all materials pertaining to the history of the New Mexico Library Association; see that the archives of the Association are safely and carefully stored and maintained; and make these records and archival materials accessible to any person with a serious need to use them. (Bylaws, Article XVII, Section 1)

2. The Archivist is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Executive Board.

3. As Association records and materials are deposited in the archives, the Archivist should sort and catalog them, carefully filing the various materials so that access to needed specific items may be easily gained.

4. At least annually the Secretary should turn over to the Archivist the various reports, minutes and accompanying documents not needed in the current Secretary’s file. The Archivist may remind the Secretary to do this.

5. From time to time other officers, chairs and members may donate items to the archives. The Archivist may sort these, retaining as many copies of individual items as seem essential to maintain the files, and discarding unneeded additional copies.

6. The Archivist should report to the Executive Board at least annually on archival developments and use. This report should be included in the post-conference issue of the Newsletter.

7. The Archivist should become familiar with the Bylaws, especially with the articles on committees and divisions, and with the Procedural Handbook pages on standing committees (PH300).

8. The Archivist should maintain this copy of the Procedural Handbook in good order, consulting the chair of the Bylaws & Procedures Committee about anything in it that may seem to be insufficient, inconsistent or incorrect. The handbook should be correct and up-to-date when it is passed on to the succeeding Archivist.

9. The Archives are stored in Association-owned file cabinets housed at the New Mexico State Library.

10. The Archivist is listed as the registered agent for the Association’s New Mexico State Corporation Commission nonprofit corporation registration. The Archivist should forward to the President the appropriate documentation and/or form to file to maintain the Association’s non-profit corporation status.