Preliminary Slate of Candidates for NMLA Board Offices

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NMLA Members,

Here is the preliminary slate of candidates for board offices. If you have another candidate for a specific office you would like included, you may submit (to the committee) a petition for them with signatures from 20 members in good standing.  This petition must be received by the Nominations and Elections Committee before June 2nd, 2017. After the petitions are submitted, the committee will determine the specific eligibility of both candidates and petition signers. The complete and final slate will be published in the summer newsletter and our general election will be held in August. Thank you very much for your cooperation and participation.

Petition for Candidacy for NMLA Office (.doc)

Petition for Candidacy for NMLA Office (.pdf)

Respectfully submitted, Nominaitons and Elections Committee

Sharon Jenkins, Chair
Paulita Aguilar
Kathleen Dull


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