Library Legislative Bulletin #6

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Thanks to the librarians who attended the Department of Cultural Affairs budget hearing on February 9th. Cynthia Shetter gave a short presentation about the importance of libraries and the need for continued state grants-in-aid funding.

The deadline for bill introductions was February 16. No new bills were introduced having substantive library content.  In HB 499, by Larry A. LarraƱaga and Jason C. Harper, some severance tax bond funded projects dating from 2013 and 2014 were reauthorized. This included a capital outlay project for $70,000 for renovations and improvements at the Ernie Pyle Library in Albuquerque.

Read more about Capital Outlay Funding


Individual legislators capital outlay project requests were posted. There were fewer project requests than in previous years. There were sixteen library-related project requests, compared with 26 in 2016 and 63 in 2015.

The following chart is an abbreviated summary of library-related capital outlay requests. All of the school library requests originated from the Albuquerque Public Schools, with most having requests from two or more legislators.  A typical request is “to plan, design, construct, improve, renovate, furnish and equip the library, including the purchase of equipment, furniture, fixtures, bookshelves and information technology,”

Public library projects from Albuquerque, Alamogordo and Carrizozo also have multiple sponsors. During the last week of the session, some of these projects will be folded into SB 101 by Senator Carlos Cisneros. This bill will be passed in the Senate, likely revised in the House, and a conference committee will reconcile the two versions. Assuming its passage, it will go to the Governor, who will likely do line item vetoes of some of the projects. There is much less money available for these projects, so the totals will be much smaller than in previous years.

2017 Capital Outlay Projects

Project Amount House Sponsors Senate Sponsors
Harrison Middle School Library $15,000 Ruilobo Romero Michael Padilla
Garfield Midddle School Library $107,000 Javier Martinez Bill B. O’Neill
Washington Middle School Library PH2 $113,000 Javier Martinez
James Monroe Middle School Library $188,000 Maestas Barnes, Ely, Adkins, Youngblood Gould, Rue
Lavaland Elementary School Library $107,000 Maestas, Louis Jacob R. Candelaria
John Adams Middle School Library $119,000 Anonio Maestas Jacob R. Candelaria
Bandelier Elementary School Library $21,000 Chasey, Stapleton Cisco, McSorley
Emerson Elementary School Library $165,000 Stapleton, Sarinana
A Montoya Elementary School Library $95,000 Dines, Smith James P. White
Roosevelt Middle School Library $50,000 Dines, Smith James P. White
Kennedy Middle School Library Phase 2 $90,000 Debra M. Sarinana
Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School Library $230,000 Daymon, Ely Sander Rue
McCollum Elementary School Library $79,000 Liz Thompson William H. Payne
Mitchell Elementary School Library $147,000 Liz Thompson Bill G. Tallman
Eisenhower Middle School Library $50,000 Liz Thompson Bill G. Tallman
Osuna Elementary School Library $101,000 Nate Gentry Bill G. Tallman
Total Amount for 16 School Projects $1,677,000
Albuquerque International District Public Library Construction $1,3000,000 Debra Srinana McSorley
Albuquerque NW Library Construction $885,000 Ely, Adkins, Youngblood Gould, Rue
Talpa Community Center HVAC Windows and Roof $150,000 Roberto “Bobby” J. Gonzales Gould, Rue
Alamogordo Library Restroomes Renovate $100,000 Herrell, Little, Townsend, Cook Burt, Griggs
Carrizozo Police Station/Library Improvement $100,000 Cook, Nibert Burt, Stefanics
Total Amount for 5 Municipal Projects $2,535,000

Joe Sabatini, Co-Chair
Legislation Committee
New Mexico Library Association


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