Library Legislative Bulletin #2

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The 2017 Legislative session started on Tuesday, January 17th. This 60-day session will end at noon on March 18th. February 16th is the last day for new bills to be introduced.

Make your plans now to attend Legislative Day. Make contact with your local legislators. Librarians will be recognized during opening ceremonies in each chamber. Delegations representing types of libraries and geographical areas will be introduced in the Senate by Senator Bill Soules and in the House by Representative Deborah Armstrong.

Library supporters should gather in the galleries for these ceremonies, which occur soon after the session opens. We do not yet have the times for these ceremonies, but they will be posted on information kiosks in the Capitol lobby.  The likely time will be between 10:00 and 11:00 am. Participants who arrive before then have a better chance of actually visiting with their legislators in their offices or as they attend their 8:00 am committee meetings. The public parking lot west of the Capitol fills up early.

Legislation Committee members will be available at the NMLA table by the west entrance to the Rotunda to provide information and distribute yellow “Support Libraries” buttons and general information.

Bring with you any information about your library and its needs, which you can leave off at individual legislative offices. Senate and  House member offices are shown at   Click on “Office and Phone List”

(As of January 19th, these lists had not be updated. There are listings under the individual names in “Search by Name, District or your Address”. These listings are carried over from 2016, so newly-elected members are not shown and some members will be switching offices due to changes in committee chairmanships. )

The NMLA Legislation Committee is giving its highest priority to the preservation of state grants-in-aid to public and tribal libraries.  These could be reduced as part of the State’s efforts to overcome its budget shortfall. Reductions in funding for public and higher education could also affect library programs and services.


As yet, no bills have been introduced with substantive language about libraries. No local capital outlay projects have been posted on the website.


There was one library capital outlay project from 2015 which will be cancelled in a bill, SB 112, which passed the Senate by a vote of 41-0. There is a companion bill in the House, HB 5, with the same language.  These bills apparently incorporate work done by the Legislative Finance Committee to identify and delete previous capital outlay projects on which timely progress was not made.

SB 112
Carlos R. Cisneros
Stuart Ingle

A. Notwithstanding the requirements for reversion in Laws 2015 (1st S.S.), Chapter 3, the authorization for each of the following described projects under the control of the
following agencies in Laws 2015 (1st S.S.), Chapter 3 is void to the extent that severance tax bonds have not been issued for the project:

(1) to the capital program fund, thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) to plan, design and construct a civil rights museum and a library for the Martin Luther King, Jr. commission in Albuquerque in Bernalillo county, as identified in Subsection 3 of Section 6 of that chapter;

Joe Sabatini, Co-Chair NMLA Legislation Committee


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