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The Legislative Bulletin is a summary of library legislation during the 2017 Legislature, provided by the Legislation Committee of the New Mexico Library Association.

The 2017 Legislative session starts on Tuesday, January 17th. This will be a 60-day session, ending at noon on March 18th. February 16th is the last day for new bills to be introduced. Legislation may be pre-filed beginning December 15, 2016.

NMLA Legislative Day will be Friday, January 27. Please ask library supporters, including your local board members and friends groups to save the date and plan to be there.  NMLA will have an information table in the west rotunda of the Capitol.

Library Bond B was successful, receiving a yes vote of around 65%. In Bernalillo County, the library bond issue passed with around 74% yes.


ACTION ITEM:  We need librarians and library supporters to attend the budget hearing for the N.M. Department of Cultural Affairs on Friday, November 18th, presently scheduled for 11:00 am.

Legislative Finance Committee
State Capitol – Room 322 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

TENTATIVE AGENDA for Friday, November 18th
An electronic copy of your presentation must be sent prior to the meeting to: In addition, please provide 30 hard copies for the committee.

8:00 — District Attorneys/Administrative Office of the District Attorneys (251-265) — Rick Tedrow, 11th Judicial District Attorney Division I & President of the District Attorney’s Association; Henry Valdez, Director, Administrative Office of the District Attorneys

11:00 — Department of Cultural Affairs (505) — Veronica Gonzales, Secretary, Department of Cultural Affairs

12:00 — Adjourn


Here is a list of legislators on the Legislative Finance Committee.  Members have a vote on committee decisions. Designees may attend the committee sessions but do not vote. If one of your legislators is on the committee, please let them know of your particular concerns.  Public and tribal librarians should provide information about the impact of state grants-in-aid in your particular library.

 Legislator  Title  Role

 John Arthur Smith   Senator   Chair
Jimmie C. Hall    Representative  Vice Chair
Paul C. Bandy    Representative  Member
Pete Campos    Senator   Member
Carlos R. Cisneros    Senator   Member
George Dodge, Jr.    Representative  Member
Jason C. Harper    Representative  Member
Larry A. Larrañaga   Representative  Member
Carroll H. Leavell    Senator   Member
Patricia A. Lundstrom   Representative  Member
Howie C. Morales    Senator   Member
George K. Munoz    Senator   Member
Steven P. Neville    Senator   Member
Nick L. Salazar    Representative  Member
Luciano “Lucky” Varela   Representative  Member
William F. Burt    Senator   Designee
Jacob R. Candelaria   Senator   Designee
Sharon Clahchischilliage   Representative  Designee
Lee S. Cotter    Senator   Designee
Doreen Y. Gallegos   Representative  Designee
Stephanie Garcia Richard   Representative  Designee
Ron Griggs    Senator   Designee
Stuart Ingle    Senator   Designee
Conrad James    Representative  Designee
Gay G. Kernan    Senator   Designee
Rick Little    Representative  Designee
Linda M. Lopez    Senator   Designee
Antonio Maestas    Representative  Designee
Sarah Maestas Barnes   Representative  Designee
Cisco McSorley    Senator   Designee
Mark Moores    Senator   Designee
Michael Padilla    Senator   Designee
Mary Kay Papen    Senator   Designee
William H. Payne    Senator   Designee
Patricia Roybal Caballero   Representative  Designee
Sander Rue    Senator   Designee
Tomás E. Salazar    Representative  Designee
Clemente Sanchez    Senator   Designee
John M. Sapien    Senator   Designee
Larry R. Scott    Representative  Designee
William E. Sharer    Senator   Designee
Benny Shendo, Jr.    Senator   Designee
James E. Smith    Representative  Designee
Jeff Steinborn    Representative  Designee
James G. Townsend   Representative  Designee
Christine Trujillo    Representative  Designee
Jim R. Trujillo    Representative  Designee
Peter Wirth    Senator   Designee
Monica Youngblood   Representative  Designee
John L. Zimmerman   Representative  Designee

Now is the time to be contacting your local legislators on local capital outlay requests.

The Statewide Library Conference came up with recommendations about funding, technology and collaboration, based on the statewide assessment supported by the New Mexico Library Foundation.  These recommendations will form the basis for legislation to address the future development of library services.


Joe Sabatini, Co-Chair
NMLA Legislation Committee


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