Richard Peck

Richard Peck was commissioned the youngest officer and pilot in the US Marine Corps at age 19. Following four years of service, he attended Carroll College in Wisconsin and graduated in two-and-a-half years, then earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in three years. After a career as an English professor and university administrator at Temple University and the University of Virginia, he served as president of three universities: Arizona State (1989-1990), University of South Florida (1998-1999), and University of New Mexico (1990-1998). An award-winning playwright, former actor, disc jockey and comic, he’s written and published a dozen books as well as short stories, films and TV scripts. After stints as a columnist for the Albuquerque Tribune and occasional contributor to the Philadelphia Bulletin, and Philadelphia Inquirer, he now writes for Albuquerque Accent and Sun Country Golf. Dr. Peck is an avid golfer and proud grandfather. He lives with his wife in Placitas, New Mexico. He currently writes two books a year and hopes to step up the pace. Books by Richard E. Peck:

  • Philly Amateurs
  • Strategy of Terror
  • Dead Pawn
  • All the Courses in the Kingdom: An American Plays at the Birthplace of Golf
  • The New Mexico Experience, 1598-1998: A Confluence of Cultures
  • Something for Joey
  • Final Solution