Lois Ruby

Lois Ruby snuck in the back door as a writer for young people. That is, she was a Young Adult librarian for the Dallas Public Library, and after reading a thousand or so books in her department, she decided she could write the stories herself. Her first book was published in 1977. Since then, twelve more have seen print, another’s due out in 2008, and she’s no longer a working librarian. Instead, her time is divided among her family, research, writing, and visiting schools to energize children and teenagers about the ideas in books for young readers. In her spare time, she writes reviews for two librarians’ journals and serves on a few professional and civic committees. In 2004 she chaired the National Book Award panel on literature for young people. Lois shares her life with her psychologist husband of 42 years, Dr. Tom Ruby, and their three sons, three daughters-in-law, and four brillaint grandchildren. Raised in California and seasoned in Texas and Kansas, Lois succumbed to the allure of New Mexico’s purple mountains and resettled in Albuquerque. She loves writing and can get lost for days in the library or her office, where her husband checks in every so often to make sure she’s still breathing. Her latest books are JOURNEY TO JAMESTOWN and SHANGHAI SHADOWS. Please visit her Web site at www.loisruby.com or e-mail her at loisruby@comcast.net.